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The [community profile] sshp_prophet is a newsletter dedicated to the Snape/Harry ship, crossposted to LJ, IJ, DW and the Stag and Doe mailing list on Saturday evening.

The SS/HP Prophet does not endorse any linked material. The Editors do not necessarily read, watch or see the content of what is linked. The Prophet provides links. We do not discriminate on content. Readers looking for recommendations should try any one of the Rec sites that are often linked to in our issues.

We don't have time to read every piece of Snape/Harry that gets written, although we would certainly like to. If you notice that a recent piece of Snape/Harry work has been left off the list, please comment to the latest post with a link and it will be added to the next edition.

This is a closed community, so only the mods will be able to post. You are more than welcome to add our Insane Journal RSS feed to your friendslist to keep an eye on things.

What kind of things?
  • Fic: Both one-shots and WsIP will be accepted. If it's the latter, we'll announce new chapters. We will also link to pre-slash and gen stories, as long as there is a significant focus on the Snape-Harry relationship. These stories will be marked as such, but please understand that what constitutes a 'significant focus' is up to the editor's discretion.

  • Art: Natural and digital media, photo manipulations, 3D renders. Also icons, banners and wallpapers. Doujinshi and comics. Fanvids. Crafts

  • Essays: Formal and informal essays about Snape and Harry may be linked. Discussions, questions and theories as well.

  • Recs: Updates of recs lists or websites. New recs lists or websites that rec lots of Snape/Harry.

  • Searches: We won't link to very general searches ("I'm looking for Snarry fics"), but we may link to specific ones ("I'm looking for BDSM fics with sub!Harry").

  • Archives: Snape/Harry-centric archive news and updates.

  • RPGs: We'll link to new RPGs that will have a Snape/Harry focus. Additionally, if a current RPG develops some Snape/Harry slash, we'll link to that.

  • Fest Announcements: All Snape/Harry-only fest announcements will be included, though date sensitive announcements that have passed their deadline before the next edition will post (Ex: "Entries Due in 48 Hours"), will be excluded.

    Due the significant rise in the number of new fests, fest announcements for fests that only potentially include Snape/Harry will be not be linked. All actual Snape/Harry entries produced from those fests will be linked under the appropriate category.

  • Anything else: If it's Snape/Harry-related, we want to know about it.

How We Link:
We will not link to locked personal LJ/IJ/DW posts.
We will not link to personal websites that are password protected.
We will not link to your work if you specifically request us not to here
We will link to locked fest posts at communities on LJ/IJ/DW.
We will link to major archives that are password protected.
We will link to all locked posts on the Snape/Harry only IJ/DW/LJ communities (Ex: [community profile] snape_potter) where no alternative unlocked post is identified.
We will link to Mailing List posts where no alternative unlocked post is identified.

The Prophet will note Under-18 content, secondary pairings/threesomes, and mentor/gen relationship between Snape and Harry when such information is available in the header.

Because the SS/HP Prophet links directly to images under the category of Arts and Icons, we will try our best to warn for common triggers, such as non-con, graphic violence, and, of course, chan. If you are sensitive to these things, please exercise caution when clicking on any links listed within this category. If you are NOT sure and would like to read the warnings for yourself, please click the artist name, and you will be taken to their journal, where you can see the post before the cut.

Self-pimping is encouraged. If you are an author/artist/meta creator, please email us to make sure your work is included in the Prophet.

Please, if you see anything you think might be appropriate, tell us about it. We are not able to see everything Snape/Harry that occurs in fandom, and we want to be told about it. E-mail it to

Other Snape/Harry resources
[community profile] snape_potter, [community profile] snarry100, [profile] pornicators, [profile] snarry_slash, [personal profile] snarry_reader: Comprehensive recs list
Walking the Plank: Snape/Harry archive
Snape/Harry ship manifesto [pre-HBP] and expanded fandom guide

Other fandom newsletters
[community profile] daily_snitch: General HP fandom, focus on meta and discussion
[community profile] hd_prophet: Harry/Draco
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